Guidelines of Table Tennis – Scoring System


June 11, 2015

When many individuals ask me the distinction in between Ping Pong and Table Tennis, the first difference is in the scoring system. The racking up system in Sound Pong has actually been more like the “Wild Wild West” through my travels all over the world. It has actually been one system on a cruise ship, a different system on a good friend’s patio, and also a difference system in someone’s basement. If you are updating from playing in your garage area to a table tennis club, the first point you want to make note of is the scoring system.

Prior to Sept 1st 2001, the racking up system consisted of each player making 5 serves, with the game going to 21. The advantage of this long game is it preferred the higher rated gamer, as they might determine the appropriate approach to victory the game, also if they went behind large at the start. The biggest disadvantage of this long scoring system is the down time it will require to win a video game if a gamer is up big. This is the factor that seeing a 3 out of 5 match was could possibly become agitated.

That is the biggest reason that it altered on Sept 1st 2001. The new racking up system transformed to 2 offers for each gamer, with the game visiting 11. This scoring system favored the reduced placed player, due to the fact that it was a lot easier to obtain to 11 factors compared to 21 points. This also played better on aired program since the video game was a lot easier to check out and also keep an eye on the activity like tennis.

This video clips goes into detail regarding the racking up system consumed in Table Tennis.

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